Conducted community dialogues: A total of 312 (221males, 91females) community members participated in dialogue meetings which were conducted at community level in the villages of Karitima A, Kyeibare B, Rwoma A2 & A3 and Nyakagando.  The dialogues were aimed at increasing community participation and involvement in the management and ownership of the water system. The methodology used was face to face discussion while observing social distancing. During these meetings, community members participated in selecting Water Use Committee Leaders (WUC) who will support in the management of the water points on behalf of the community. In addition, the meetings were among others attended by partners like Isingiro District Water Office, OPM, UNHCR, OXFAM, EWB-USA aimed at explaining the details of the project design, roles of all the stakeholders, project start and finish dates and the current progress. These sensitization sessions were aimed at strengthening communities in the sustainability of existing water facilities which was followed by training of water user committees.

Water sestization activity at Holy spirit Church lane water tapping point - New Congo, Nakivale Refugee Camp  

Training of Water User Committees (WUC): 20 WUCs of 100 members (80males, 20females) were trained in Rubondo zone.  The WUC are community structures that spearhead the management and maintenance of water supply systems at village level so that the targeted population are well served. The 20 WUCs were therefore empowered to ensure proper water management in their respective villages. Therefore, the training enhanced the capacities of 100 WUC members in the protection and management of water points.

Water monitoring: Nsamizi conducted a partners’ training (TOT) on ground water monitoring using a piezometer in a session that was held at Kakoma water plant. Partners which included UNHCR, OPM, OXFAM, EWB-USA and community water systems operators from Nsamizi participated in the training.


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