Study Centers

Most of our programmes are run at our main campus in Mpigi Town Council, but we also have satellite centres in Kampala, Gulu, Lira, Adjumani and Kasese where our students are taught from.


Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development operates from Mpigi as her mainstream branch, and other branches or centers in Kampala, Adjumani, Lira, Kasese and Gulu.Adjumani, Lira, Kasese and Gulu satellite centers have been operating since 2006, 2007 and 2008 respectively

Targeted beneficiaries

Kampala NTISD campus taps mostly into the busy working group who may not be comfortable with day/fulltime programs. At the same time allowing the institute to remain competitive with the mushrooming universities and institutes around it. The Satellite centers were established to attract pre-service and in-service students and to take education services closer to hard to reach and formerly war ravaged communities of Northern and Western Uganda. Majority of our students in these centers are also the working category who prefer weekend programs; particularly the Local Government Staff such as Community Development Officers,  District Councilors, Parish Chiefs, Sub-County Chiefs, Teachers, who wish to upgrade with us.

Programs/Courses offered

The Satellite Centers offer all diploma and certificate courses offered at the main Campus in Mpigi, such as Social Work, Public Administration and Management, Counselling and Guidance, Gender and Development, Child Protection, Business Administration and Management, among others.

Examining Board

Like the main campus, the Centers are also operating under Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB), a required national policy and Nsamizi being a Government Institute.

Intake, Enrollment and Completion Status

We have a double intake in a year; during the month of February and in August, with the February intake yet to be rolled out to all other centers except Adjumani.

A total of over 539 students were recruited in August 2019, following an ascending number from when the centers started operating. We have subsequently graduated students in the various programs; theoretically and practically empowering the Human Resources of various Local Government; through our three (3) month's intensive fieldwork practical and classroom work with competent staff.

Center coordination and staff

The center staff are recruited from within the respective Districts except when special support may be required from the Main campus. Each center has an adequate number, qualified and competent staff who do the teaching.

For leadership, each center has a Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator who reside near the center premises, and to whom all other staff and students report. The Coordinators and staff all report to an overall Satellite Center Coordinator found at the main campus.

Our Study Centers



Nsamizi Training Institute for Social Development,Kkonge Road, Mayembe Upper, Mpigi Town Council, Mpigi District

Overall Satellite Center Coordinator:

Ms. Nakimbugwe Grace Lisa

Mobile: +256783314619

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Kampala Study Center is located in Kampala District in Rubaga division.

Kampala Campus Coordinator: Mr. Sabavuma Keret; +256783076741


Lira Sudy Center is located in Lira Town Council at Uganda Technical Colleague Lira (UTC).

Lira Center Coordinator: Eric Sekibaala; +256773841252


Gulu Center is located in Gulu District in Gulu Town Council at GUSCO Center along Kitgum Road opposite National Water and Treatment Plant.

Gulu Center Coordinator: Ajok Florence; +256782357210


Adjumani Study Center is located in Adjumani District in Pachara Sub/County, along Moyo Road oppositae Aulogo FM, former LWF Building.

Adjumani Center Coordinator: Anyama John Kennedy; +256772304287

Assistant Coordinator: Musoke George; +256772084181


Kasese Study Center is located in Kasese Municipal Council, opposite Kasese Municipal Council offices. The Office is also located in Kasese Municipal Council along Rwenzori Road, opposite Kilembe Investment Limited.

Kasese Center Coordinator: Masika Ruth; +2567722011520

Assistant Coordinator: Bumali Kikulwe; +256774656760



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